What are OWB Holsters?

Because of the popularity of the Springfield XDS for concealed carry perform, it is not surprising that individuals will be in search of an effective Inside The Waistband (or IWB)holster for their XDS. There will be a lot of advantages to IWB carry. It offers for a protected location, avoids having your gun hang off the belt of yours, makes concealment easier, is much more comfortable for lots of people, and allows for placing your gun at different places on your body, depending on the needs of yours and comfort level. There are a selection of IWB holsters for the XDS (see them here), but not all happen to be created equal. The ones we look at below, in our opinion, actually are the very best IWB holsters for XDS pistols and happen to be ideal for both the .45 and 9mm ACP models.

The Concealment Express IWB holster for the XDS is actually made of today’s space age kydex plastic-type material, and this can be precisely molded to suit almost any handgun. Kydex is actually extremely widely used for ease, cost which is low, and its ruggedness of molding to a certain handgun. Many custom holsters happen to be made of Kydex for just this reason. The Concealment Express offering is going to fit the 9mm and.45 XDS and also features an adjustable cant (angle)so which you are able to adjust the draw and position of the gun of yours to suit your specific needs. Compared with leather, Kydex won’t absorb water, and therefore offers a good vapor barrier between your XDS and the entire body of yours making it one of the best concealed carry holster for xds 9mm on the market today. An exceptional, feature packed XDS IWB holster, and in a great deal priced, the Concealment Express XDS holster is among the very best holsters for XDS.

Natural leather is the traditional material for handgun holsters and for good reason. It’s flexible, comfortable, looks good, is long lasting, and is actually uncomplicated to keep up. Just wipe down and oil the outside of the leather holster of yours from time to time, and yes it is going to last lifetimes in use that is regular. The Holster Store offers a traditional leather holster for a modern day handgun. Designed to fit each .45 and 9mm XDS, this leather IWB holster happens to be easy to conceal, as well as encompasses most of the handgun of yours. For an inexpensive, deeper concealment holster, it is tough to go wrong with this particular offering for your XDS.